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We Are Freelance Independent Designers That Plan Kitchens, Utility Rooms, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Walk In Wardrobes & Home Offices.

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Terms & Conditions

We use Houzz Inc. to operate this website, so your use of this website is also subject to the Houzz Privacy Policy.

“Kitchen Plans” can accept no responsibility for products, components or services from sources recommended on the Website. Such recommendations are made in good faith. You must determine the suitability of such items or services and seek remedy for any defects from the suppliers or contractors according their terms and conditions, if applicable.  

If engaging any tradesman or technician (Installer) for your Installation (whether recommended by “Kitchen Plans” or not) you should obtain references and verify that suitable liability insurances are in place.

Any contract for Installation is between you and the Installer and does not in any way involve “Kitchen Plans”, other than as set out below.

An order placed with “Kitchen Plans” shall be for a set of plans which will include drawings, plans, pictorial representations and explanatory notes as stated on the Services pages of the website. Colours and drawing detail are reproduced as accurately as the computer software and process will allow and cannot form the basis of any claim whatsoever. 

It is your responsibility as a customer to ensure that information provided to Kitchen Plans is full and accurate. All design and drawing services are to be fully paid for in advance. Prices (subject to quotation) will be as stated on the Website, other than certain items for which fees must be quoted specially. No design work will be undertaken without payment. A set of plans is drawn for

a specific project, at a specific address, for a specific customer. Once drawing is in progress an order may be cancelled but any refund will be at the sole discretion of ” Kitchen Plans “.Payment is for services rendered and no form of warranty is offered other than the opportunity to revise the first draft set of drawings and the opportunity to revise aspects of the plans deemed unworkable or impractical by the customer’s appointed Installer (see below).A first draft set of plans (drawings only) will be presented to you, the customer for approval. You may call us by telephone to discuss the drawings. You may then instruct us (by email or other written form) to change the first draft set of plans. Your instructions will be followed, as far as possible, leading to the submission of second and third drafts to you by email. 

We will ask for your approval of the draft drawings upon which we will send a full set of drawings, component list and notes in paper form by mail. Your approval of the draft drawings and request for the set of plans in paper form is a statement that the drawings are entirely to your satisfaction and that no further changes are required prior to survey (see below). No responsibility can be taken for errors or omissions in the completed set of plans..

No components should be ordered and no installation work should be started prior to a comprehensive and thorough survey of the site with due reference to the set of plans by a competent tradesman or technician (the Installer) engaged for the Installation.

It is entirely the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the set of plans, along with all auxiliary information provided, is checked at survey by the Installer. If, in the expert opinion of the Installer, minor aspects of the set of plans are unworkable or impractical then ” Kitchen Plans” will make such revisions as necessary and send an amended version of the plans. Any substantial reworking of the design (for instance, moving the Project to a different location) will be considered as a complete new Project and subject to a new order and payment. 

Please note that “Kitchen Plans” is a design only service & that we can only advise from a design point of view. Any decision you take to move a door , window, wall or make any other structural alterations must be done with the agreement of your architect, engineer, builder or any other person qualified to make such decisions. “Kitchen Plans” can in no way be held liable for failure

on your part to do so. 

CAD images generated for You, by “Kitchen Plans”, may be used by you, in any way you wish, as long as our price has been paid for the appropriate service. The copyright on the pictures remains with us and such pictures may also be used for illustration purposes on this website and in other marketing material. 

”Kitchen Plans” will not under any circumstances take responsibility for any part of the installation process. Liability of ” Kitchen Plans” whether in contract, tort or otherwise in respect of any defect in goods or services, or any breach of contract, or of any duty owed to the Customer in connection herewith shall be limited in the aggregate to the price of the goods or services in question.

Definitions: ” Kitchen Plans” means the proprietor, as stated above. “We” means ” Kitchen Plans ”. “You” means the Customer, or other user of the Website. “Installation” means the process of

installing furniture and/or other items specified in a set of plans supplied by” Kitchen Plans”. “Installer” means a competent tradesman or other technician, verified as to suitability by the customer and engaged by the customer for the Installation. "Project” means the work and items specified in a set of plans..